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The Gray Anarchist

A timely, high-stakes political page-turner…Our verdict-buy it.

                                                            Kirkus Review of Books


“An exciting story alive with tension, jolts, and contemporary political resonance.”

Publishers Weekly/BookLife”

Lake Barcroft

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In 1960's Virginia, teenage Beck is growing up, and struggling to come to terms with two tragic deaths in the family. As the daughter of the U.S Senate Majority Leader, Beck is expected by her grandmother to embody virtue and maintain a pristine reputation. But Beck yearns for “a boyfriend, to be a normal girl.” Her childhood love, Randall, runs away to become a musician but returns when Beck is sixteen, finally ready to love her. But a single night together leads to a potentially career-destroying political scandal that only her grandmother can help hide: pregnancy.

12: A Novel About the End of the Mayan Calendar
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The firsthand account of a god who comes to Earth to destroy mankind and ends up being its defender. When clouds suddenly envelop the globe and a ceaseless rain begins to fall on every continent, Du Moss, an amphibious teen, has only days to save the Age of Man from the Great Flood that will wash away the modern world.

Perish 3d.png
And We Shall Perish
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Modern civilization is helpless as ancient gods battle for the Sixth and Final World of Earth. The second book in the 12 series, the rains return two years after modern civilization had been nearly destroyed by the Great Flood. The fate of the world lies in the hands of two orphans from the slums of a Latin American city. Can Anta and Koya find the secret to stop the rain? Their love for each other must be powerful enough to survive the wrath of a ruthless dictator and the magical powers of celestial beings intent on the destruction of the human race.

Hippies in the Andes
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The Motorcycle Diaries in reverse as a group of privileged Americans in 1974 travel by land from California to Buenos Aires. Descriptions of the last days before globalization, out of touch with everyone from home. The three endure long bus rides, perform rock and roll songs for Indians, are jailed in Chile after hiking with smugglers through the snowbound wastes of the high Andes.

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