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Betrayal, intrigue, and dirty politics in this thriller centered on the highest stakes of politics, national security, and ecological fragility. Allen Hansen is a sitting senator running for reelection and the leading opponent of the Sentinel Act, a bill crafted to give the FBI unchecked power to collect U.S. citizens’ data. A corrupt president has ordered an operation to uncover Hansen’s past as a college activist and possible eco-terrorist. Deirdre Owens, the campaign manager for Senator Hansen, is desperate to protect him from the press and the plots of the President.  Lauren Bastini, the radical one-time leader of the Oakland Four, now 73, disfigured from an attempted firebombing of a biotech company, is still committed to the violent destruction of the U.S. Government and of corporate America.


The author draws on a background in national security and politics to weave an exciting story alive with tension, jolts, and contemporary political resonance. Riveting and relevant. Flawed or seriously damaged characters—all are one or the other—capture the reader’s attention and pull them into a scarily credible plot.


A timely, high-stakes political page-turner…Our verdict-buy it.

                                                            Kirkus Review of Books

The Gray Assassin paperback

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